Just a little bit about us...

Lunch with the Plastic Bastards
The Tascam Porta-One Studio
The Tascam Porta-One Studio
That's right, motherfucker! That is a CASSETTE tape in there! We used that shit way back when Jesus was riding his dinosaur.

The Plastic Bastards (A.K.A. The Plastic Neo Pseudo Fascist Bastards) came together from two out of work actors, (one of which was a musician, and the other being a sound engineer) who were looking for an outlet for their extremely askew sense of musical humor. They claimed not to be a real band, but just a couple of guys with a tape deck. Originally intended to be just a 'studio band' as there was only one musician, they used a tascam 4 track porta-one studio to make their music.

Milli and/or Vanilli
Yeah, whatever... fuck those guys!

Then everything changed! A cause was given! Put out by the music industry itself. They decided to go live (more or less), in light of such manufactured crap as Milli Vanilli and The New Kids On The Block.

The reasoning for this was as follows: The New Kids On The Block would lip-synch to their own voices and pretend to play instruments 'live' on stage, and Milli Vanilli didn't even actually sing their own songs that they were lip-syncing to on stage. So, if people were paying large amounts of money to see a 'live' concert that was not even live, and in the latter case, was not even the actual artists performing, why not give the public a reasonable honest alternative. The Plastic Bastards would actually sing live with their own voices to taped music they made themselves and not pretend to play fake instruments on stage! At a reasonable price...

Chicago's famous Avalon Night Club
Chicago's Avilon Night Club,Believe it or not, we actually played this venue more than once!
The New Kids On The Block
Kill Them All
And fuck these guys, too!

Not satisfied to stop there, the Bastards decided to throw video presentation into the mix. Combining live action with filmed, interactive video, their stage show became a hybrid of live concert and music video. This has been done before in limited fashion, but the Bastards decided to make the entire concert, from beginning to end, to be one long live interactive music video! The entire show featured the Bastards live on stage and the Bastards not live on video. The video versions of themselves provided interactive conversation between their live selves and humorous segue ways between songs. Their video selves also provided backup vocals and bizarre antics during the songs. A very loose esoteric storyline was threaded throughout the concert, which led them to be known as "The Monkeys on acid", and often described as "Bubblegum Punk".

Thus a new era in multi media entertainment was born!